Writing in Times of Trouble

July 31, 2020

Everyone reacts differently in times like these. For some, it might be a time of growth, with discoveries and realizations fueled by dramatic changes in circumstance. For others, it could be a time of stagnation and isolation. 

Or even a combination of these. 

Like a flotilla of vessels on uncertain seas, the voyage of each may depend on the luck, and skills, of the sailor. 

Just remember that you are the captain of your vessel, and while there are always conditions beyond the control of any sailor, each of us determines the mindset we choose to navigate the vast waters of our lives, whether calm and peaceful or stormy and tempestuous. Because if you live long enough, you can bet you'll see plenty of both, and everything in between. 

Everyone has probably heard some version of the old expression, "May you live in interesting times," which is usually understood to be a curse disguised as a blessing. Uninteresting times would seem to be more peaceful and relaxing than the "interesting times" we're all going through right now, don't you think?

It will not be the case for all, but if your personal circumstances allow, I suggest using these tumultuous times to positive ends if that's at all possible. Some of the greatest storytelling in history has been borne from times like these. From pain, from strife, from struggle. 

Turn your curse into a blessing. Keep a journal, write a song, tell a story. 

Your story. 

It may even be cathartic. 

Our motto has always been, "Everybody has a story," and now, more than ever, that's certainly true. And expressing that story, no matter what form it takes, might just be the beacon that helps you reach the other side of the storm. 

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After all, when it comes right down to it, we're all in the same boat.